Machine has proven to be somewhat of a signal beacon for the emergence of a mature and considered revision of techno music, art and culture. Not surprising perhaps when it is revealed the driving force behind the endeavour are two older practitioners in Andrew Till and Simon Slieker, with 44 years of professional music industry involvement between them.  

Five years in, the Machine club is the hang-out for this re-emergence. Significantly, Machine is populated by a mix of age groups: representative of youth and maturity, enjoying an environment together, each bringing something to the table. No-where is this more apparent than in the artist roster, which boasts a swathe of established, older artists, some coming out of retirement, pulled by the lure of an event that is multi faceted, intelligent and offers the promise of something many artists yearned for in the techno field: recognition of artistic expression. Could it signal the “growing up” of the misdirected youth, ever the villain: techno music?
Further to this cause is the attraction of a band of artists, new to the fold, rallied by the sophisticated approach to sound which is at odds with typical commercial interests. The young welcome this apparently vibrant and expressive scene that clearly holds the interest of older heads than their own, that promises something more than a passing fad-like appeal. 

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U P C O M I N G: : : : M A C H I N E : : : : 

Saturday 27th May - Developer (Modularz -LA) 
Saturday 17th June - 8 Years of Techno Machine Label Night 
Saturday 22nd July - drumcelll & Truncate (Droid Recordings -LA)



The ever growing Machine Club honour roll of those we have to thank for gracing our dance floor with their art:

Dasha Rush, - (Full Panda, Germany), Knobs (Italy), Luis Flores (Droid Behavior/Mexico),LADA (Dasha Rush & Lars Hemmerling) -Full Panda Germany), Xavier Morel (VX, T&F) (H229 - France-Japan), Audio Injection/TRUNCATE (Droid Records/Truncate Rec - USA) , Monoloc (Official) (CLR -Germany), Lucy (Stroboscopic Artefakts Germany), DJ FUMI(Japan) MASA (Space Gathering -Japan), REE.K (Space Gathering -Japan), Sebastian Bayne (If Records/Syd), DJ Hi-Shock / Advanced Human (Gynoid Audio -Syd), SQL (Netherlands), Mike Callander (Haul Music), G3_d9, Dee Dee, Linas, Backroom Reality, Enclave, Sly Faux, Petrou, Kiti, Craig McWhinney, Dean Benson, Matt Radovich, Gene Hoffmann, Matt Van Diemen, Chiara Kickdrum, Voiteck Electruck /TD5 (Truck Musik), PWD, Digital Primate, Suseri, Paul Abad (Open Records -Bris), Freya, James Manning, Ollie Olsen, Mish'chief, Qualé, Dominic James Hogan, Steven Sakkas, Ranjit Nijjer, Samari, Tim Harvey, Jonny Mac and to the crews we have collaborated with The Public Works Department, Earthcore, Earth Freq, Elketrax Bookings, TEA, Bean Bag Babylon & Stable, Our Door staff; Tina, Ale & Emsy, and further more to the incredible artists whom we have released on MACHINE LABEL: BRIAN BURGER (France) H229 (South Africa/France/Japan), THE BLACK MOY (France),Vincenn(France), Linas (Melb), Backroom Reality (Melb), Sly Faux (Melb), DJ UNU (France), Petrou (Melb) G3:D9 (Melb), Enclave (Melb), Digital Primate & Elsan Gelsi (Melb)....upcoming artists Blood & Tears (Germany), Ground Loop (Melb), Craig McWhinney (Melb), D-Rex & Lateral (Melb)