Machine - Techno Factory

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My Aeon, 791 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

Welcome to the Machine Factory. This month we’ll be working the production line pretty hard to churn out some techno favourites. Actually our production line is more of a bespoke artisan affair so don’t get the wrong idea. Nevertheless we’ll be running all the artists past quality control where they’ll be stamped and approved for immediate dance floor implementation. Because we’re booked to the hilt with quality Melbourne performers. This affair is a flag flyer for the diverse crews and artists in our surrounds and we’re proud to bring it all together from Burning Seed’s theme camp champs, to local label celebrity, to techno crewdom, to long standing tech-royalty, to KISS FM champions to our very own Machine Label heroes.

Downstairs in the MACHINE Garage we welcome:

MATIC: representing Southern Lights Records, Matic is a purring engine; he mixes with purity, like a dream, and layers up the complexity when necessary. He’s been a favourite when he’s previously played and we’re pleased to offer him the main floor. Listen to some of his tech-wizardry here:

DAVID MUMMERY: representing Silo Productions - Melbourne, Mummery is a smooth operator, like Matic, he’s a class act; relying upon subtlety and finesse to convey the drive of his mix. His dance floors are always luscious, immersive and evolving. Check out David’s sonic umbrella style here:

ZANNA: flying under the radar for much of his career, Zanna is a master craftsman who would rather keep his operations covert. He’s been a feature of some of our city’s most important events having been a major contributor to seminal techno club FILTER as early in the piece as 1999. You may not know it yet but you will have danced to Zanna somewhere at some time, and this time it’s with us. We welcome you to the diverse, driven complexity of a Zanna set on the main floor at machine. Hear some of Zanna mixedry here:

LATERAL: representing Machine Label, Lateral is a production gun and dj maverick. His style has earnt him plaudits across the country and his releases have garnered support across the Atlantic and Pacific oceans to Europe and the US. Lateral is a Machine Label partner in crime and the Machine dance floor is his scene. Hear him here:

ANDREW TILL: representing Machine and Machine Label, Andrew Till returns to the main room at Machine with all of his machines well oiled and back in motion. Expect a seamless display of crooked sound, slanting beats and ricocheting shrapnel around the floor. Tune in to Andrew here:

MEANWHILE UP THE STAIRS INTO THE WORKSHOP Upstairs in the Workshop from 11pm we’ll be running hot all night with some special treats and flavours in order for the RFF (Rachel’s Fortieth Festival). The Workshop is the diverse sibling of the downstairs space. Up here we pride ourselves on the showcase of the counter pulse to downstairs. Especially selected selektors for the occasion are:

SYME TOLLENS: host of KISS FM’s Black Label Underground, ambassador of the Red Bull Academy and rock solid provider of beats to Melbourne’s club scene for over 20 years Syme Tollens is a force to be reckoned with behind the decks. As talented as anyone and smooth as silk, Tollens has the repertoire and style to dish it up at any occasion and this one is as tasty a serve as any. Tune in to Syme Tollens here:

SHAUN MAC: hailing from Perth, Shaun Mac has made Melbourne his own representing Burning Seed Theme Camp Mint Country Club on the paddock at Seed and in the Village at Rainbow Serpent Festival. Mac’s sets are a drill down into the elements of the sound. He has a breadth of knowledge that comes from a long time in music and brings forth a fine tuned feel for how to bring those elements together. Enjoy the swirling embodiment of that here:

SIMON SLIEKER: bringing up the rear, in the garage with the wrench. Because Rachel’s his girlfriend and the love of his life so you can bet that he’ll be celebrating salubriously whilst trying his damnedest to keep his shit together for the occasion. Here’s him:

Visuals VDMO, has brought an incredible live projection array to three walls of the main dance floor transforming the space into a a chamber of dimensionality and depth. Programmed live geometric patterns twisting and riffing off the Machine design aesthetic. VDMO brings the visual aspect of the evening to dizzying heights.

That’s all good and well, but what is MACHINE? Machine is a techno club with the vibe of an arts precinct. Run by electronic music veterans Andrew Till and Simon Slieker, the club attracts quality artists from around the country and the world. Spread over two levels each with topflight Funktion One sound systems and an enormous open garden area, there is always differentiation between cold and hot, hard and soft, dark and light, dry and wet, distinct and indistinct; Machine exists in this duality and celebrates the diversity it affords: old and young, queer and not, gendered and not, clear and murky as fuck. We invite you into the mix for the nighttime adventures to come.

Machine at My Aeon, 791 Sydney Road, Brunswick.

10pm - 6am, $15 before midnight, $20 after midnight. Photo ID Required