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Flash EP



Unheralded Melbourne artist Klaps debuts with Flash. We’ve been sitting on this one, so happy with the title track it took some time to generate remixes that ably supported the original. Now with remixes by Tokyo artist Ryogo Yamamori and Brisbane artist Metapattern the EP comes to life. Throw in the B side o.0 Loop with Composite Cone remix and this pack starts smiling back at us like a precocious child.

1. Flash
A scythe slices through the industrial debris. A landscape littered with the detritus of an age. A resonant kick illuminates a way, echoing, issuing forth a call to the wild, a call to the faithful. Explosions in the distance, waves of noise, tidal sheets, rising, falling, filling the soundscape to breaking point. Another drum, morse code, remorseless, insistent, beating it’s way through; somehow leading, somehow calling. A way will be found.

2 Flash Ryogo Yamamori Remix)
Something makes its way in a dilapidated 8 bit Atari theme park. Dodging interference and aliens and monsters this figure is an adroit soldier. It rallies in the drop, it chews up energy and spits out fire. It rides an arpeggio and stares up and down. The journey is an exercise in hypnosis, the safe word is not found.

3. Flash (Metapattern Remix)
Growling in the murk. Bright flares like stars, pinpoint holes in black. A song from somewhere stills my mind; the rest unravels. Is it sanity or hope that is lost? Neither as the ship breaches the horizon. Sails are set and wings extended as we come adrift from the surface.

4. o.0 Loop
The piano man stabs at keys with a two step reminder of Chicago. Times were good. We sit over whisky and wine and remember even though we weren’t there. Such as it is when memory drifts into tales yet to be told. We’re busy here can’t you tell. We’re remaking the world in the image of that which hasn’t yet come…and it’s got fun times written all over it.

5. o.0 Loop (Composite Cone Remix)
Generous pauses and well meaning friends with well timed messages. Fingers dance on table tops but we just can’t tell if it’s nervous tension or subject evasion. Nevertheless the point is made, it must have been the latter because we leave with full hearts and clear minds.
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    Flash 7:14
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Clean, crisp and darkly compulsive is the MO for UNIT. There is a maturity to their production that speaks volumes of the duo’s experimentation across genres and years. This, their second EP on Machine Label will appeal to well seasoned and tired techno ears. Driven and compelling and full of international intrigue, there’s a mission being undertaken here, something, with a bit of MI5 about it. A foreboding sense mystery; think of this EP as the techno embodiment of a phantom figure caught under street light in the predawn mist.

UNIT are a tight outfit. No doubt. This EP is a fitting follow up to their Machine Label debut, Surge [MACH036] back in August 2017. UNIT (Mark Dressler and John Ford). The duo formed in 2017 to explore directions in techno. Drezz and John have been working in various genre's of electronic music for over 20 years. What these are remains a mystery, as UNIT are not letting the cat out of the bag. We’re more than happy to remain shrouded in mystery for it is clearly evident in the production quality that UNIT have served their time.

1. Expo
A huge opener featuring steady pulsing kick drum providing the impetus and the bed. The track opens up with a growing string of glitch percussive elements, which slowly build into a swirling brutal cyclone, only to open up into eye of the maelstrom which is a whispering, melodic thing of beauty. This is a track in three parts; a telling testimony to what is about to unfold.

2. WRHL.
Another solid drum outing, this time with a recurrent electronic cry, pitched up and driving the momentum. Add in the UNIT signature of tight, telling and intriguing percussion, of heavily treated samples and sounds, the listening ear is left mystified at where and what and how. The underlying motif is an equally intriguing vocal sample that will leave you guessing.

3. Airtight.
Stripped back minimalist outing that relies on a steady build of groove with call and response left-right echoes, reverb and finally opening out into some deeply rhythmic patterns that could only be called funky. Enter the beautifully well weighted break down in the middle and giddy up on the back of that. This one is totally dance floor in an easygoing and contrasting way to the lead tracks.

4. Morbius.
Morbius is as deep as it gets in drone techno. Rolling across the 7 minute mark, this is a mystic tour through some kind of dreamscape that doesn’t stop to smell any roses and doesn’t relent on it’s momentum. Complex in it’s simplicity, textured in it’s smoothing, layered on a single plane. Put on a good pair of headphones, close your eyes and we’ll see you in next week.
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    Expo 7:44
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    WRHL 6:42
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  4. 4

Unification Algorithm



Metapattern aka Peter Trimbacher is an experienced studio and live producer from Australia’s northern city of Brisbane.

Lecturing in sound design and live performance for just under a decade is the premiere influence in approach to music making and performing. Successive iterations of live performance systems have steadily lead from pre-programmed as- sets to increasingly improvised rhythmic elements which are manipulated live in response to the vibe and energy of the space.

‘Unification Algorithm’ is a well rounded, developed, intricate and compelling 3 tracker debut release with bonus remixes from the masterful Ground Loop and Lateral. These tracks have all of the patience of an experienced and subtle hand. Well timed rises and falls and cleverly disguised drop outs make for an astute and articulate EP of techno from the leading edge of the blade.

A congruent, head down, arse up, dance floor filler. Swirling intricate delays, driven and well weighted drums, plenty of high end appeal derived from metallic rhythm layers. Descendance into a chaotic battle for existence, anticipation, preparation and action building into a heightened tension and subsequent return to continuance. A siren calls at the beginning as a battle warning and again as the peak of tension is reached.

Arpeggiated, stuttering 16ths, compelling and alluring atonal melodic notes, patient, willing and captivating techno. Filled with builds, down lifters and transitional elements. A downward motion of the baseline imitates a relaxation of the body. A repeating shimmering call tolls like a bell ringing in the increasingly dynamic trip which blossoms into a mind melting hyper expansion.

Recorded live in one take and slightly edited. - Odd length 303 sequence creates a forward moving direction. An imagined mixing of cultures in a modern city, the movement from start to to finish sees each colour dynamically change as if exploring its existence within the larger unified experience.

Osmosis (Lateral Remix)
Luscious and full drums, well dispersed pads and captivating acid synth line: bouyant, weightless, floating.

Descendance (Ground Loop Remix)
Big pads beguile with an invitation into the float tank before well executed crescendos lay waste to the dream state with an edgy techno awakening.
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Juan Tellez

This new 4 track session is the third Juan Tellez release on Melbourne’s Machine Label. Featuring Tellez’ signature production characteristics: clean, crisp and direct. This one makes no attempt at hiding it’s purpose. Designed for the techno dance floor, each track delivers something compelling and unique.

Filter 1 - Incessant percussive synth, clean, powerful drums and enormous breakdown. Flying at 2am.

Filter 2 - Stripped and cool, interspersed with sci-fi elements and surprising underbelly of sub bass. A creeper and shoe gazer for 5am.

Heatwave - Dabbling drops of morse code, syncopated drifting drum action and emphatic wet claps amidst growing insistent swirling reverberation. Shuffling at 6am.

Honeypot (Synth Mix) - And then out of nowhere came the morning and with it the overture to the floor. Rising all the way until somewhere along the way we’re in raptures. We’ll let this one speak for itself.
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Machine Label welcomes it’s first UK based release courtesy of UNIT (Mark Dressler and John Ford). The duo formed in 2017 to explore directions in techno. Drezz and John have been working in various genre's of electronic music for over 20 years.

Clean, crisp and darkly compulsive is the MO for UNIT. There is a maturity to their production that speaks volumes of the duo’s experimentation across genres and years. This, their first EP on Machine Label will appeal to well seasoned and tired techno ears. Driven and compelling and full of international intrigue, there’s a mission being undertaken here, something, with a bit of MI5 about it. A foreboding sense mystery; think of this EP as the techno embodiment of a cigarette smoking shadowy figure caught under a street lamp in the predawn mist.

Current Rev 5.55… The mission commences with a clean and strong kick, echoing and resonant tones from the depths, and well placed and thoughtful percussive elements that suggest a groove through the driving directionality of the drum line. Space is created in Current Rev 5.55 despite its full and compressed feel.

Resistance… The most upfront, stolid and staunch composition of the EP. Furthering the tight composition and brilliantly executed sounds of the other tracks, but brings in a brooding fury which elevates Resistance to a 4am lose you shit contender. Call and response claps and percussion that roll off one another whilst the huge resonant bass bed breathes in and out throughout. The kick is clean but rips through the frequency spectrum. But the killing blow is landed by the massive growling bass tone which, when it lands rounds out what is an enormous and satisfying techno ride.

Surge… Aptly named, Surge does exactly that. Similar well placed and clean percussive elements which are now rolling around a heavily swung, almost syncopated rhythm. It shuffles along establishing the groove until a tribalistic breakdown rises up and launches the track into a huge percussive techno trip. A real counterpoint to the directionality of the previous tracks and testament to the range of UNIT’s production capabilities.

TKResin…The most genre bending example on the EP. Bringing in bleeps and bounces that convey a slight trance element. But doesn’t let one get comfortable with that assertion as it builds with beautifully constructed top end hits and a ramping bas synth that carries the track into a dreamy shoe gaze shuffle fest.

Mastered by Colin Bennun
Cover design : Alejandra Diaz
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    Surge 7:07
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Cerebral Probe

The Black Moy


The thing about The Black Moy is the intense sense of atmosphere in his production. The spaciousness is dense, the solidity lighter than air, so cold it could melt the hottest flow of molten rock, so sheer to be opaque in its ranging telephonic scope. These tracks come on strong like an invasion, but they are so petite as to be discrete about their obliteration.

The tight 5 pack EP runs as a mini set of five independent parts. Separate for dj use. Play together for an experience. Starting with the growling sparseness of Cerebral Probe, drums coming at you like whiplash, into the fortified jack’n territory of Blacknoise, passing through the minimalism of Intellectual Killer, huge syncopated breaking beats of Drug Effects, and finally coming at the cavernous kick driven space of Snoob that blows the doors off and takes the walls with it.

This EP mounts an argument that keeps on coming until the conclusion is forgone and all counter has long since evaporated in its wake. Scintillating oscillating synth rhythms drive the tracks, amidst which tuned and detuned percussion rolls through like a tide. Treated together the Cerebral Probe EP could really be seen as an instrument to do just that. Fortify and strengthen ones cerebral capacity to endure; to fortify the funk and to drive out the deva’s forever. Treat this release as medicine and swallow it whole.

The Black Moy

The Black Moy is the alias for Strasbourg based producer Marc Chapard. With the discovery of electronic music in 1996, his interest quickly grew into a passion for the darker moods of the techno sound. It wasn’t long before the same passion led him on a quest of writing and producing, a quest that commenced in ’99 shows no sign of abating.

The Black Moy owns the dual distinction of the second ever release on Machine Label, The Abyss EP [MACH002] back in 2011, and the quickest follow up ever with the Bass Syndrome EP [MACH003] also in 2011. Quietly going about his work in the time since, he has become the most prolific artist on Machine Label, with the Parameters EP [MACH012] in 2013, the Natural Process EP [MACH026] in 2015, and now his 5th EP, Galvanised Blain [MACH034] slated for a June 2017 release. The Black Moy stakes a fair claim to being the most influential sound on the label.

The second part of The Black Moy’s quest is the pursuit of something unique to offer a market flooded with the hallmarks of generic beats. To that end individuality is what the Black Moy strives for in his sonic exploration. With a foundation laid upon solid beat structures and mesmerising atmospherics, there is an abundantly clear dancelfoor prerogative, but with an unexpected and alluring artefact; plenty of deep and experimental headroom. The Black Moy’s compositions are characterised by an enormity of space and a density of sound. Together the two make for a spellbinding contradiction sure to keep the ears interested and the body moving.
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    Snoob 11:31

The Temple

Juan Tellez


Machine Label’s resident New Zealander has crossed the Tasman Sea to bring his soaring techno sound to Melbourne and the world. Combining modular sounds and clever production technique into potent dance floor material; his sound captures the imagination and the heart.

Breaking through with his Stamina EP in 2016, Juan Tellez has continued to refine a sound imposing with a drive and majesty guaranteed to attract the attention of dj’s and dance floors in Australia and beyond.

The Temple - Powerful pulsating bass laden kicks and squelching scything synth callouts direct from the Australian bush. Synthetic tech somehow alive and bristling with all the organic warmth of sunset.

The Temple (Dub version) - A mesmerising reduced through-line that tugs at you like an undertow. Strong without being forceful, compelling without being in your face, quick jabs and stuttering stabs leaving no marks or scars, just sore legs and throbbing feet.

Dawn - is a soaring opus, full of feeling. Open and minimal, deep and complex, infused with contradiction, sending the spirt on a journey at the same time as tugging at the emotional body. A track of wonder and beauty bound to resonate with dj’s who yearn for potent journey material.

Written & Produced by Juan Tellez
Cover Design by Alejandra Diaz

(c) Machine Label 2017
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    Dawn 6:49


Composite Cone


COMPOSITE CONE forms intermingled masses of techno combined with alternate layers of modular synthesis and fragmental electronica with his 'Herakleion' EP on Machine Label.

He drifts mercilessly on the seas of consensus reality, shipwrecked and splintered on the shoals of linear reason. He is blessed with an ear that hears beyond rhyme, fazing and ebbing across the tides; playing at shadows in a wide eyed dance with reason.. Such is the way with this wunderkind. Composite Cone bleeds through days in hibernation into the bliss of night where his machines abide him, offering up their algorithms like secrets from the vault of time. De-cypher this and I will give you the code. Crack the code and I give you the sound of the future.

Coming at you from a backyard in the wilds of suburban Melbourne, Composite Cone unleashes the pent up experiences of an artist on a self avowed mission to wipe the slate clean. Scoured with ammonia and drenching in sweat in the way of the ascetic in search of redemption. He has found it in the whitewash of the alias of Composite Cone.

Related to Mantovani, where something from the bloodline broods and carries on in a stark and twisted relief. Inspired by Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada and a less than easy life, burnt by the scourge of the psyches conflict with reality, riddles and tests and twists and turning around into a scything new sonic freedom. His sound is the narrative of his experience, "disorganised but chaos prevails". Intelligent, brilliant, layered, complex and compelling.

1. The Corroded Statue Disintegrates Slowly
Brooding with an ambience that would sit easily with masterworks of the electronic touchstones. Stuttering with an ambivalence that doesn’t care. Claps in sharp relief to the tonal wash of a beautiful mesmerizing bass melody. Here is music of an artful quality, compelling in the way of a dream. A must have for those who care about the way sound sounds.

2. As I Drift
Taking up where the title leaves off. Picking up pace with a litany of beats and drifting, lilting synth lines. Sparks from the forge, cascading, sauntering in and out of focus. Layers within layers. Somewhere a battle is waged with a brittle thin vocal, distorted like a radio voice caught from a fragment of time, scattered like ashes, guttural, willing. Beware the robot is coming...

3.. Raising The K-141 Kursk
The beats have gone beast mode. Vaulting over one another in a fight to breach the sequence. Here we’ve hit the dance floor, albeit one in which chaos is friend and syncopation is the language of the familiar. Hits, claps and one shots punctuate and slingshot the ear through the soundscape of the cybernaughts running riot in an Atari wonderland.

4. Water Bored (Bandcamp Bonus)
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Forest Gate



Through the use of hardware and custom synthesis and ably supported with computer and controllers it may be said that Enclave weaves a thread through this machine syntax, evocative of the red ochre of the Southern land from which he hails, embodying an earthy richness seldom found in the techno-sphere.
This is particularly evident in this newest offering: Forest Gate being more than an arbitrary name, as it borrows richly from field recordings of the outback and in particular a rusty old farm gate swinging in the wind in the wilds of Australia. And so this EP is formed with this motif as the basis. Put to good use, the sound underlies a deep, driving, layered and textured techno journey into the expansive, sprawling and deeply mysterious inner sound scape and outer land scape.
Ably supported by the accompanying: Largesse based on a recording of deep vocal harmonic resonance with a guttural sense of mystery and melody.
The EP rounds out with remixes from Finnish producer Orion with his jacking workout of Forest Gate, and from the acclaimed Melbourne ambient / electronic producer Hesius Dome with his rework of Largesse.
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At the vanguard of a resurgent Melbourne based techno sound, rides LATERAL with this breakout release on Australia’s Machine Label. This 5 track release is a calling card to the world. Strong, rising, sweet and hard, it has it all and is ultimately fit for any nightclub or festival adventure.

The 2 Lateral originals: Fermion and Vayron are up front tech stompers. Fermion laced with floating stabs and pulses which compliment a massive reverberating bass/kick combo. There’s a maturity here, wherein far from being heavy handed there’s something of a dreamlike quality in the texture and depth.

Vayron is an enormous weapon, first capturing with a quality groove then breaking down with a rising tonal quality that builds in, peaks and keeps on peaking. It begs for show time with respect to main floor 3am. Seriously. This track is a floor filler.

The Fermion remixes supplied by respected Australian Ground Loop, take it to another level. The names indicate the intensity, but that said, look at for the 7am mix which turns the loopy groove into an organic, beautiful and melodic excursion. The melancholy here is gripping and speaks of the decent out of summer. 2am is a powerful tech bomb. Driving through with a massive resonant kick, stabbing percussive elements that carry the signature of Ground Loop, and a bass line that breathes even more life into the composition.

The Vayron remix is treated by French artist The Black Moy who winds it up with a 3 and a half minute epic intro to a shattering techno storm. Waves and currents circulating around the same motif as the original, with added layers and answering calls from the deep.

This is the sound of Machine Label Australia

Support from: Answer Code Request, Abstract Division, The Black Dog, Slam, Ron Costa, Enrico Sangiuliano, Richie Hawtin, Danny Tengalia, Maetrik, Markoantonio, Advanced Human, Mimetic, Eric Cloutier, Stanny Franssen, Joesph Capriati, Signal Deluxe, Axel Karakasis, Xhin, Mattias Fridell, Angel Molina, Flug, Paul Ritch, Submerge, Xavier Morel, Kazu Kimara, Luiciano Esse, Solenoid,
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