Machine - Melbourne Techno Celebration

My Aeon, 791 Sydney Rd., Brunswick

Saturday 25th February MACHINE shifts back into it’s regular slot of 4th Saturday of the month, and does so with huge celebration of Melbourne techno.

We’ve often said it, but we’re very fortunate in this city. We boast a glut of quality promoters, producers and dj’s of the techno form. Which means a bucket load of quality events with an equal bevy of artistry. And more than ever, these disparite teams who in many respects are vying their own slice of attention, actually actively work, get around, support and assist one another. It’s a rare situation and one worthy of noting.

We, MACHINE are one of the teams. And it is our great pleasure on this occasion to throw a party that brings in representatives of several other crews, producers and dj's. So this one is a melting pot of the techno foundry that is Melbourne. It is a salute and a celebration. It is a declaration of unity and a rallying call for all that is to come.

Joining Andrew Till and Simon Slieker of Machine / Machine Label we have:

Adrian Bell of Bunker. The phrase “needs no introduction” is boring beyond belief and to use it here does nothing to qualify this text as worthy of conveying the essence: Adrian Bell has been prolific in his presence, in his work for and with Bunker and his growing profile in Melbourne, through Australia and his recent forays over to Europe. Bunker itself has been a bastion of continual quality events delivered straight up, with their team of quality local acts (ACM, Jake McDonald, D-REX) and a constant stream of headiners from across the ocean.

Dean Benson of Wildwood. Dean has maintained an independent presence throughout his career, and meritoriously, throughout his rise and rise into Melbourne’s techno fame-dom. His sets on the Market Stage at Rainbow the last few years have been something not only to rave to, but to rave about. But Dean is no one trick pony, and has a depth about him and his music that is coming out in other means and forums ie. Yoke. His sets speak of this and without doubt contribute to what makes him so worth losing your marbles to.

Chiara Kickdrum with her recent The Nature of Time EP on Melbourne’s Finn Audio and live sets that have become ubiquitous across our music calendar, classically trained in composition in Italy and dosed with street cred in Melbourne, Chiara Kickdrum is special because she occupies the territory of humming heavy tech and spans a chasm so deep that echoes only faintly return. She offers up textural and luscious landscapes in sound and she does it live and with her own material. The magic of production, right here, right now and all we need do is marvel and gape.

PWD of The Public Works Department is the kind of visionary the techno world of Melbourne has desperately needed. In recent years it has been PWD’s re-imaginings of how events can be produced, run and flavoured that has offered up a diversity of output that spawned events like Pleasure Planet, which single handedly tore Melbourne a new one, and not just with techno but a new diversification of sound. PWD’s dj’ing speaks of this vision or rather, in this pursuit his ideas are made manifest in the language of the dancelfoor.

TFG is the co-founder of @BARBA events, OBLIVION Music Group and One Weekly. His performances have struck a chord with those who appreciate a nuanced inclination toward a Detroit edged sound that is simultaneously dragged into the minimal, industrial Melbourne aesthetic. The result is a fresh sound from a dj that cares about a presence, the audience ear, and a cohesive journey. The stuff of dreamy dancefloor puddles.

There is enough quality and diversity among this lot to fire up a festival. We will pack it in the space of 8 hours.

This party will occupy the two levels of My Aeon equiped with Funktion-One Sound and be a no holds barred, double barrelled salute to the best Melbourne has to offer.

Crew links:

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Artist Links: Andrew Till: Simon Slieker: Adrian Bell: Dean Benson: Chiara Kickdrum: PWD: TFG: