Machine presents DASHA RUSH

My Aeon, 791 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

"In her strange and twisted world the machines are the protagonists of a neo-romanticism, weaved with human dreams.” - on Dasha Rush

MACHINE welcomes back Dasha Rush (FullPanda/Raster Noton). She is joined by Metapattern [live] Machine Label in his send off show before he takes up numerous music work opportunities in Berlin. We present in their first appearance at Machine: Lara Kills [live] and Mha iri. Machine residents Andrew Till and Simon Slieker are on offer. And our rather large news is the addition to our regular roster of Emmymaie as a Machine resident. Also featuring VDMO with his constructivist geometric prismatic morphing visuals projected onto the walls in the main room.

DASHA RUSH Yes, that’s correct, we have Dasha Rush! Russian born, Berlin based, Raster Norton & Sonic Groove housed, FullPanda owning Dasha Rush. We have had the pleasure of Dasha’s company back in 2016, arguably our best night ever. It’s the one people continue to talk about, the night the heavens opened, the club flooded, the dance floor was underwater and we were stretched to capacity with a heaving and sweat soaked mass of humanity.

Since that moment Dasha has gone on to enjoy a massively successful and unrelenting tour schedule. She bounces from festival to club across Europe and beyond delivering her bold and uncompromising take on techno and still finds time to engage in multiple cross discipline projects; luscious forays into 4D sound compositions, showcases and installations that merge the moving image with dimensional shows and immersive aural fixtures.

Dasha’s Sleepstep album released on Raster Noton, one of the great bastions of style and taste is a work of art and beauty. A wonderful insight into the breadth and range of her thinking and feeling. A complete diversion from up front techno sensibilities and yet permeated with the urgency, emotion and drive that make it equally as compelling. Another facet in the artistic range of an artist who lives and breathes cultural forms and exploration through an utter alignment between work, lifestyle and expression. Dasha Rush will be playing in the main room at Machine in the drop zone of the night.

What is Machine?

MACHINE is a techno club with the vibe of an arts precinct. Run by electronic music veterans Andrew Till and Simon Slieker since 2009, the club attracts quality artists from around the country and the world. Spread over two levels each with topflight Function One sound systems and an enormous open garden area, there is always differentiation between cold and hot, hard and soft, dark and light, dry and wet, distinct and indistinct; Machine exists in this duality and celebrates the diversity it affords: old and young, queer and bent, gender fluid and gender neutral, and all kinds of orientations clear and murky. We invite you into the mix for the nighttime adventures to come.

Two Levels of Funktion One Sound MY AEON : 791 Sydney Rd Brunswick 10pm - Late // Photo ID Required

Management reserves the right to refuse entry ::