Machine Celebrates 9 Years

My Aeon, 791 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

We’re nine years old. We, us, everyone who has danced the sweat of a generation into our dance floors; everyone who has contributed to putting this event on the table and to making it a feast; the dj’s and dancers, the artists and connoisseurs, the talkers and the walkers and the restless denizens of nighttime Melbourne. All of that combined and continuous dynamic energy poured and pulsing through Machine is what has made Machine. And all of that is what we celebrate on this occasion of our 9th Birthday.

We feel we have assembled a line up fitting for such an occasion. Ranging and tugging at the fabric of what techno is and isn’t and continuing to ask the question: what is it that sweeps us up into the mesmerising magic of the mix. To that end we have 3 very special headline guests that utterly represent this phenomenon: DJ’s known for this particular trait and whose careers have been defined by it. : Ryogo Yanamori from Japan, Anthony Pappa and Phil K. Then we have the new wave, dj’s and producers who also fly this flag and who are bursting through the threshold of public awareness: Juan Tellez and Metapattern. And then then there are Andrew Till and Simon Slieker, also known for their intensity and longevity in the mix.

Together this line up will offer something unique and quintessential about what we strive to create at Machine: artful, genre bending and completely enticing music in an electric and fundamentally welcoming environment. Two levels, two Function One rigs, two bars, one outdoor courtyard, incredible 3 wall projections courtesy of our resident visual artist VDMO, a tailored techno experience downstairs and whatever incredible experience Pappa and Phil K create upstairs. You’re invited to become part of that which we celebrate.

And now about our artists:


Ryogo Yamamori (951beat/Ovum Recordings) Japan Tokyo based Ryogo Yamamori has become one of the defining acts in the Japanese techno scene. Starting out in the late 90's when he became resident at Air, Module where he first made name as a dj. Later as a producer, he has released tracks on Josh Wink's label Ovum, "Trinity e.p ”, which blew up worldwide and carved out his name and style on his own 951beat and more recently his digital/vinyl imprint: kageru. His collaborations have extended as far as Detroit Movement's official compilation, Torque, Voight, WARØK, Human Lessons, Epione Records just name a few. Ryogo’s skill as a DJ is bears hallmarks of the influential 90's Detroit & Chicago techno scene where he found his early inspiration. His style: an acclaimed, technical example of 3 deck mixing. With over 20 years of experience spanning the world’s clubs and festivals, including places like Octagon, ageHa, Womb, Origami, Dommune, he’s now bringing it to Melbourne.

Metapattern (Machine Label) Bris Playing his first show for us at Machine, we’re so excited to have this guy play live for us. Hot off the January 2018 release of his debut EP on Machine Label: Unification Algorithm [MACH038] we’re fast tracking him down from Brisbane. His sound cuts a swathe through genres but fairly and squarely resides in the techno aesthetic. It’s not lost on us that Metapattern has spent a decade lecturing in sound design and live performance, as this is evident in the composition and approach to his music making and performance. Welcome to Machine!

Juan Tellez (Machine Label) A relative veteran at Machine Label now with 3 EP’s to his name, Juan has likewise earned a reputation for his precise, flowing and pulsating sound as a dj. He beautifully combines his talent as a producer, his understanding of the vagaries of sound into his dj sets, which are unflinchingly driving and yet rich with dynamics and flowing baselines. It’s been too long between drinks and we’re excited to have him back in the main at Machine.

Andrew Till Machine resident and founder, an active member of Melbourne's underground electronic community since the late 80's as a Dj, label manager & producer, Andrew Till is known for being an innovator: a stylist whose sets are part conjuring act, part act of persuasion: a composite of timing and compositional balance. He mesmerizes with beautifully realized structure and broadens horizons with his call to war: the tension of being swept up in the familiar, and dropped into the unknown.

Simon Slieker Machine resident and partner. A figure synonymous with techno-electronica culture since the 90’s, Simon Slieker has is widely respected as playing an integral role within it. Over 24 years he has developed a reputation for output that pushes boundaries and exists at the fringes of bellowing bass lines, brooding melodies and tribal drums.

VDMO: brings an incredible live projection array to three walls of the main dance floor transforming the space into a a chamber of dimensionality and depth. Programmed live geometric patterns twisting and riffing off the Machine design aesthetic. VDMO brings the visual aspect of the evening to dizzying heights


Anthony Pappa Is legend in this city, for pioneering dj’ing as a career. He burst onto the dj circuit as a 15 year old 30 years ago, winning the coveted DMC mixing championship and doing everything there was to do as a dj in Australia. He then became the first to entertain the prospect of a European move and blew the shit out of London. He made a huge name and reputation for himself as a classic layered and key mixing dj and then as a chart smashing producers. He is spoken about in the same vain as Sasha and Digweed and indeed played the same circuit. There is really no-where to begin and it’s very difficult to find a fitting place to end in describing Anthony Pappa. Read his bio, that’ll help. It’s hard to know what to make of media plaudits but as far as they go this is as good as it gets: voted 75th all time best DJ in the world by Dash Berlin World.

Alongside DJing & continuing to build a reputation for his mixing skills, set programming and the ability to adapt to the environment, production was & iis key to Anthony’s success. His use of musical knowledge, chord structures and melodic phrasing and key mixing is evident in every track he seamlessly blends / mixes together.

Key tracks produced include: his massive collaboration with King Unique called “Vamoosh” released on Bedrock and long time classic Freefall “Skydive” on Stress Records which was UK/European number 1 hit single in the charts. With numerous club anthem singles, remixes plus 6 mix compilations (2 at 200,000 + in sales) he has been released on labels including Sony/BMG, Platipus Records, System Recordings, EQ (Grey), Darkbeat Recordings ‘Darkbeat 10th Anniversary Collection’ and most notably on Boxed Global Underground Nubreed series. Mixed compilations for Renaissance and was the first DJ to be selected for the Global Underground Nu Breed series which saw him, play over 70 cities around the world and amass sales of over 50,000 copies of the release. Anthony has also done mixes for the cover mount CD for DJ Mag’s coveted Top 100 DJ’s edition receiving high praise from all the big hitters and industry professionals alike.

Phil K From the same class and vintage as Pappa, and long time friend, Phil’s legend is perhaps more familiar to us in Melbourne as this is where he has plied most of his trade over decades of fervent dance delivery. But really, again where do we begin in describing Phil K? In 2002 after having a few remixes, singles and tours under his belt he released Balance 004 which was critically acclaimed and was voted in the top 10 compilations of that year by UKs DJ Mag. His world went totally haywire after that moment, going on to take out various awards including Australias Best DJ and an award for a Lifetime Contribution to Australian Dance Music amongst a swag of others. After this he embarked upon a never-ending world tour playing everywhere one could want to play: Glastonbury Festival, SONAR, Fabric, Womb, MOS and a countless haze of others. In between the touring Phil found time to keep recording as various artist names, but it was as Lostep with Luke Chable that they created another seminal record called "Burma" which was included on Sasha's "Involver"LP. "Burma" led to a recording contract with Global Underground and the LP "Because We Can" was released in 2005.

Another thing that Phil has been incredibly passionate about is in the area of DJ technology. Phil's now legendary relationship with Pioneer Electronics began with a trip to Tokyo showing their engineers the things they thought their equipment couldn't do as well as redesigning the EFX500 to become the EFX1000. Phil has had input into most of the machines that most DJs use everyday and his skills on these products along with James Zabiela (who was one of Phil's early "students" in the use of effects) is famous worldwide. He has been called a "lost jedi" by Tom Middleton and taken the likes of Meat Katie, Anthony Pappa, Chad Jackson, Dave Seaman, Adam Freeland, Todd Terry and a long list of other students and notables through the finer points of key mixing and digital effects mixing. Today you will find him incorporating all manner of musical instruments into his DJ sets including drum machines, samplers and a range of synthesisers, the reason he is regarded as the DJs DJ. He is also a full time sale consultant at Australia’s Store DJ and still working closely with Pioneer on new projects , firmware, and products.

Machine is a techno club with the vibe of an arts precinct. Run by electronic music veterans Andrew Till and Simon Slieker, the club attracts quality artists from around the country and the world. Spread over two levels each with topflight Function One sound systems and an enormous open garden area, there is always differentiation between cold and hot, hard and soft, dark and light, dry and wet, distinct and indistinct; Machine exists in this duality and celebrates the diversity it affords: old and young, straight and not, gendered and not, clear and obscure. We invite you into the mix for the nighttime adventures to come.

Machine at My Aeon, 791 Sydney Road, Brunswick.

10pm - 7am :: Photo ID Required