Machine End of Year Conflagration!

 —  —

My Aeon, 791 Sydney Rd, Brunswick

The primal scream as we come slamming up against the bulkhead of 2018. What a year it’s been; another series of momentous events, playing host to some huge names of the international circuit, and also to a raft of superlative home grown talent.

The year has featured:

12 parties across the 12 months 7 international artists: Adriana Lopez, steve bicknelll, Developer, Truncate, drumcelll and THE BLACK MOY Millions of local artists, well thousands, okay hundreds.

The implementation of the FREEDOM from HARRASSMENT community involvement initiative and policy: basically stopping club based sexual harassment in its tracks. Admittedly we still have the odd moment when something occurs which we jump on immediately. But overall the establishment of this initiative has made an enormous difference to the freedom of everyone at our events to dance unobstructed from obtrusive objectification and harassment. Here it is:

5 EP’s on Machine Label courtesy of Composite Cone, Juan Tellez, Unit, The Black Moy.

Yep we’ve been busy and have not intention of the schedule abating. 2018 is shaping to be another leap for us. And the first item of business is a date shift. We are officially moving from our regular position of the 4th Saturday to the third Saturday of the month each month. Lock it in. We feel this will be much easier to track and we’re sticking to it. We’re ware we’ve jumped around a little this year due to accomodating other events on the calendar, but one of our resolutions of 2018 is to settle into this new calendar position.

And here we are at the final moment of the year and what better way to celebrate than to boil the broth down to the essence of Machine. That means Andrew Till, Simon Slieker and Lateral in full force in the main room, joined by our antipodean Machine Labell artists MOT3K flying in from Perth and back to rock the house down.

So come and dance the year away, celebrate with us and join us at the bar, and on the floor and in the back yard; come and laze on a couch and punch the air as we do it all one last time.

See ya later 2017.

Love from Machine.

My Aeon 791 Sydney Rd, Brunswick $15 before Midnight // $20 after midnight