About Simon Slieker

A figure synonymous with Australian techno-electronica, Simon Slieker has been at the vanguard of the Melbourne party circuit since the mid 90s and has long been respected as playing an integral role within it.

Since his first appearances at Flow & Global Village in 1994 he has developed a reputation that pushes boundaries and exists at the fringes of bellowing bass lines, brooding melodies and tribal drums. With Slieker you get classic turntable dj'ing; blended vinyl cuts interweaving across an extended music horizon. Less concerned with being labelled as a particular genre, Slieker’s fascination with music has helped him forge a sound that is insistent and charged, yet sensitive enough to excite beyond the standard 4x4. 

The strength of Slieker’s career can be measured in the projects he has been involved in. Significant residencies: 10 years with Machine (current), 11 years with Technoir (current), 8 years with Teriyaki Anarki Saki, and then a litany of club nights: Centriphugal, Revolver, Dance Hall, Deep 11, Escape, Abode, Circus, the infamous Every Picture Tells a Story parties. Event production entities: Machine, Yeah Fuck Yeah, Sucker Punch, Monotremes, Clean, When the Smoke Clears and the current Dharma & Simon Presents. Festivals: Rainbow Serpent, Earthcore, Burning Seed, Maitreya, Esoteric, Earthfreq, Gatecrasher, Two Tribes, Hardware, Falls Fest, Pyramid Rock, Meredith, Folk Rhythm & Life and the list goes on.

As well as all the noise Simon delivers workshops in movement and somatic education. He marvels at the synchronous beauty in output, that whether it be sound, movement or touch, is all about creating connection. 

Simon is currently resident at Machine Club and Technoir and with Dharma & Simon Presents is revising the party ethos in the age of climate crisis and ecological breakdown. Stay tuned…

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