Machine with Adriana Lopez

My Aeon, 791 Sydney Rd., Brunswick

The traditional salubrious shakedown, the pot of gold at the end of Rainbow. As in previous years we bring you the techno heavyweight fresh from their Market Stage appearance at Rainbow. In previous years we’ve had Monoloc, Dasha Rush, Knobs, and this time it’s none other than Adriana Lopez.

Adriana Lopez is the Columbian label head of Spanish imprint Grey Report, regular contributor to Deveolpers Modularz, Oscar Mulero’s Pole Group and Svreca’s Semantica. Line these labels up and a picture begins to form. And it looks like the kind of art most critics would swoon over. She tore Berghain apart earlier in the year. She’s a rock solid European performer and producer of “smoke laced warehouse jams” (Stray Landings), but, and here’s the thing, she’s a dj’s dj. She’s all about the multiple sources and the rolls royce vinyl. She’s a roll up the sleeves, audio mechanic. And she will be commanding the main room at Machine for as long as she likes, with cohort support from Andrew Till and Simon Slieker, in flag flying, represent mode.

Meanwhile upstairs is the counter point retreat of treats. Our good friend, colleague and cohort: Digital Primate on loan from audio projects in Ireland, the Netherlands and Sweden. He will be bringing his jack’n tech style to the place. Hot on the heels of recent successes, but always a favourite in hometown Melbourne.

Bookending Digital Primate we have the old guard team of Mo Ichi and Miyagi bringing their particular flavoursome techy funk fare. Playful, proficient and fired up, upstairs will be transformed into a neo-punk’n disco-tech haven.

Our Pot at the End show has been one of our grand occassions in recent years and we’re damn excited to announce this latest incarnation of the affair. Yes we’ll all be at the end of the tether post festival. But you can guarantee that the venue will be full of that quintessentially untethered vibe as a result.


Adriana Lopez (Grey Report - Colombia)

Andrew Tilll

Simon Slieker


Digital Primate

Mo Ichi


My Aeon 791 Sydney Rd Brunswick 3056

Adminisssion : $25 Photo ID required

Sound: Funktion One Lighting : H&S Technologies