Machine x MTC

My Aeon, 791 Sydney Rd., Brunswick

Machine x MTC : Friday December 16th : A Techno Feast

It was only a matter of time until Upstairs was given over to our friends over at Melbourne Techno Collective HQ. And what better occassion than at the wrap up party of our year, and on the doorstep of Christmas. And so it comes to pass this December's Machine is a hefty main meal with a tantalising MTC desert twist. You have a seat at this most luscious techno table.

For the Machine part we’ve gathered up our label artists who between them represent our latest 3 releases on Machine Label the Juan Tellez Stamina EP [MACH029], the Lateral Fermion EP [MACH031] and recently released the Enclave Forest Gate EP [MACH032]. Sandwich these artists between Machine directors Andrew Till and Simon Slieker and we have part one of the feast covered. Most would agree that some of the most hailed outings at machine this year have been under the auspices of the names listed above.

Upstairs is more than the cherry on top, it’s actually the whole cake. And with it is part two of the techno feast. It is the core of what MTC is all about, the directors and the chief instigators of an operation that has been bringing techno to the round table since their inception in 2002. We say round table for what could be more equitable than the foundation ethos of MTC whereby they ran no frills events with no cover charge. And so they burst onto the scene and gave many of the current dj crop their first crack at it. Fast forward to today and MTC are still going strong, putting on massive events for low cost, bringing in artists from near and far and serving up a generous dosage of live techno for good measure. Still on the egaliarian tip they now host and run which will give you the lowdown on what is happening in Melbourne this week, interspersed with interviews and comment brough to you by Matt Radovich himself. Join their mailing list while you’re there to be kept up to date with via email.

It is our vast pleasure to be sharing this occassion with this gang and together to be bringing you a massive end of 2016 techno treat. Join us for the last hurrah 'til we return for the post Rainbow show Feb 3rd 2017 with none other than Adriana Lopez.


Simon Slieker Andrew Til Lateral Enclave Juan Tellez


Matt Radovich Sam McEwin Craig McWhinney Jay Reading Peter Baker

MY AEON 791 Sydney Rd Brunswick

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$10 Before Midnight // $15 After Midnight