You have landed.....

at the home of Machine Label and Machine Club.

Both arms of Machine are motivated by the same ethos and it is very much derived from how we, ourselves want to be entertained: 
We want quality and we want to be treated as a discerning audience with nuanced tastes, with a refined appreciation for performance, production and sound.
It’s as much a mandate as anything. It’s a Machine manifesto in it’s own way, but this tendency toward a trim, clean lined, well honed, burnished techno aesthetic is our ethos. It is what we commenced 10 years ago, and it remains our focus today.

We welcome you to our sound.//

Current releases out in 2020 on Machine Label from Ryogo Yamamori, Metapatterm, The Black Moy, Anonym,  Ranjit Nijjer and Ollie Olsen


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